National Photography Competition and Documentary Film Festival on “ Biodiversity of India”
NGO meet highlighting inclusive action for biodiversity conservation
Participation by R & D centers, NGOs, Corporates and State Biodiversity Boards
Indian Biodiversity Expo to focus on “Cultural Biodiversity of India”
About 1,000 delegates for the seminar
Plenary and key-note lectures by eminent scholars in the field
A major event in India on biodiversity in the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity (2011-2020).


Biological diversity- the rich tapestry of life and its intricately interlaced phenomena, processes, and relationships- underpins the basic fabrics for the sustenance of life and the essential pillars for sustainable development. The fabric of interdependent and mutually reinforcing strands of biological, cultural, linguistic, and institutional diversities has frayed primarily because of human-induced changes, leading to mass extinction of species and loss of ecosystem functions and services.

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